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Smart Boards


Smarttech Website
SMART Exchange (Lesson Repository)
Series of SmartBoard Sites (has not been updated, not all links may work)
SmartClassrooms YouTube Channel

SmartBoard 101 Training Videos


SmartBoard Boot Camp Presentation (Smart Notebook)
OCTM Presentation 2011
Olmsted Falls Presentation (Smart Notebook)

SmartBoard Workshop Presentation (Smart Notebook)
SmartBoard Workshop Presentation (pdf)
SmartBoard Workshop Demos (SB file)
Cool Things Workshop (Smart Notebook)
Cool Things Workshop (pdf)
Tech2Learn Smart Notebook Tool Bars (Smart Notebook)
Tech2Learn Smart Notebook Tool Bars (pdf)

eTech Ohio Presentation 2010 (Smart Notebook)
eTech Ohio Presentation 2010 (pdf)
eTech Ohio Presentation 2009 (Smart Notebook)
eTech Ohio Presentation 2009 (pdf)
eTech Ohio Presentation 2008 (Smart Notebook)
eTech Ohio Presentation 2008 (pdf)

OCTM Presentation 2006



Moodle Documentation
Using Moodle Online Textbook

Video Tutorials

Moodledog 101 Training Videos

Link Entire Folder to Course Page
Link to File or Website

Texas Instruments Products

Texas Instruments Educational Website

OCTM Presentation 2011
NspiredLearning Wiki

TI-Nspire Files (tns) - including files from 2011 T^3 Presentation
TI-SmartView Emulator Video
TI-Nspire Presentation (pdf)
TI-Nspire Quick Reference Sheet


Integration by Substitution Video